Check out Speed Scene Racing for plenty of cool up to date drag racing information. If you want to know whats happening in the sport and see some great interviews along with cutting edge racing information, this is the place.  They did a great interview on the Magnetic Finger

We'll be on the Lokar Classic Car series on the ION channel with this interview on 6-7-08 at 6 pm CST & 6-10-08 at 6 am CST. 





Busted Knuckle Garage


Cool Tools TV show on the DIY network

Horsepower TV show on the Spike network

Featured at the Hotrod Restoration Tradeshow


Sam's radio show is a blast to do.  I'm one lucky guy to have met him and have him endorse the Magnetic Finger and full line.

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Sam's Garage Radio Excerpt: Jeff From SC

Sam's Garage Promo Spot

Magic Finger Does It All

MAG GREASE radio promo